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Castles In Munster

Ireland’s most southern province is Munster with the counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Tipperary. Before any counties in Map Of MunsterMunster it was divided into the regions of Tuadh Mhuman (north ), Deas Mhuman (south), Urh Mumhan (east) and Iar mumhan (west). Two tribes also had their own two regions in Munster; the Ernaibh Muman belonged to the Ernai tribe and Deisi Muman to the Deisi tribe. Each region in Munster was part of the three kingdoms of Munster, Thomond (north), Desmond (south), and Ormond (east). The three crowns shown in the flag of Munster represents these three kingdoms.

The population of Munster was dramatically reduced from the Great Famine of 1841. The population of Munster during the great famine was over 3 million people but emigration continued from the 1800’s right through to more recent times.

List of Castles in Munster

Ballycarbery castle
Built in the 16th Century this castle was under ownership of Sir Valentine Browne. During 1652 the place fell under attack by cannons and fire brought…

Late Medieval Ballyportry Castle
Built by the O’Brian Clan in Clare Ballyportry Castle was occupied by Mahone, the son of Brian O’Brien. Constructed as a fortified home the castle bypassed any attacks on its…

Barryscourt Castle
Occupation of the Barryscourt Castle site dates back over a thousand years were the Norman De Barry family invaded and took control…

Blarney Castle in Cork
If there is any castle in Ireland that is well known around the world is that of Blarney Castle. Located in Cork the Blarney Castle attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Bunratty Castle
Located in County Clare Bunratty castle had its first dwellings on the site since 970, the time of the Vikings.

Desmond Castle in Cork
Built in 1500 by the Earl of Desmond the castle is a typical example of a fabulous urban town house. Desmon Castle is located in the town of Kinsale…

Dromoland castle in Clare
With history of belonging to families of royal Gaelic heritage the Dromoland castle now stands as one of Ireland most exclusive hotel…

Knappogue medieval tower house
Dating back to 1467 Knappogue castle was built by Sean MacNamara as medieval tower house. The castle is well noted throughout history and has been the scene of many…

Dunasead Castle in Cork
A perfect example of a fortified house Dunasead Castle is located in Cork which was burned to the ground by Gaelic septs. The site itself dates back to 1215 with the Normans….

Dunboy Castle at Beara Peninsula
Located in the South West of Ireland, near Castletownbeare, Dunboy Castle had been a well known stronghold for O’Sullivan Bere…

Dysert O’Dea castle in Clare
Dating back to 148 the O’Dea castle was located a former stronghold to the O’Dea’s. The castle is located near Corofin in County Clare and should…

Leamaneh Castle in Clare
Dating from 1460, the ruins of Leamaneh Castle are situated in the austere and magnificent surroundings of The Burren in County Clare.

Waterford Castle
Built on a small island attached to land, close to the town of Ballinakill. It is believed that Waterford castle was built on a Monastic site

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