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Ballycarbery Castle

This castle is about 3km away from Caherciveen, County Kerry. Facing the sea the castle is not far from Cahergall Fort and Leacanabuile Fort. It is said that in around 1398 that there was some sort of occupancy on the site, but the ruins that are there now where constructed sometime in the 16th century. Ballycarbery castle fell under ownership of Sir Valentine Browne after the original owner Daniel McCarthy More passed away. During 1652 the place fell under attack by cannons and fire brought on by the parliament and in the 18th century a new house was built at the site and owned by the Lauder Family. This house was to be demolished sometime in the 20th century.

Surrounding the castle was a tall brick wall that went all around the perimeter of the land. Less then half of this wall is left today and in the remaining parts there are arrow loops which are long slits in the wall where an arrow launcher can fit and arrows can be shot without putting the shooter in as much danger. There is also part of a staircase inside one of the walls but it is not easily approachable or accessible. The base or ground level, once filled with several chambers is left with only one roofed chamber. The first floor is now covered in grass has a few windows and small rooms.

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