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Ardgillan Castle

Ardgillian Castle in IrelandThe Ardgillan Castle is actually a country home with the style and architecture of a castle. The castle was built in Balbriggan, Dublin in Ireland in 1738 by a Reverend Robert Taylor. It's district consists of the ancient territory of Kilmainham, Ardgillan and Baltray. Originally managed by the O'Casey's and then road by Earl of Tyrconnell.

After the Cromwellian and Williamite wars (during the 1640-1680's) the land ownership in Ireland was changed as a result of confiscation and redistribution. During 1658 Argillan was said to be owned by a wine merchant by the name of Robert Usher or Crumlin Dublin.

It is also said that by 1737 the actual castle structure was built, before then it was only a district of land. The district was owned by the Taylors for around two hundred years until 1962 when the acreage was sold to Heinrick Pott of Westphalia, Germany. During 1982 the Ardgillan Demesne (land and everything on it) was purchased by Dublin County Council and it is now managed by Fingal Council.

In June of 1985 Ardgillan was opened to the public as a regional park and fundamental working was carried out before the opening to update and transform what used to be an arable farm into a public park area. There is up to five miles of trails or footpaths that provide a system of interesting tours and walks.

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