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Castles In Ireland

A Round Tower in County Mayo Ireland was once the scene for many invasions and battles from battles with Vikings to fighting over Clan territory. Fortifications, round towers and Castles would prove to be an essential part for family clans to protect their land from battling enemies.
Fortifications in Ireland date back over 2,000 years that had probably been built to protect against attacks from other Irish clans, some of these ancient fortifications can still be found standing today.
Round towers were commonly found built with monasteries protecting gold, ancient writings and various other objects that thief's would find irrestiable. Vikings had been well known for invading Ireland and attack monasteries, attempting to destroy anything that stood.

It wasn't until the Normans and the English came to Ireland that more and more castles were being built. Some castles had been built to protect English lords and those in power when others had been built by locals who learned about castles from invading forces.

Some family Clans still have ownership of the family fort or Castle that has been handed down through the generations from medieval times.

Although there are many castles in Ireland still standing some are not in their prime condition as they once were, actually many of these Castles are in ruins with others being restored and even converted into hotels.

We shall take you into the journey of Irelands history and the importance of these magnificent buildings explaining why they were built and where. We shall also provide information on different Castles in Ireland that could be rented for a special occasion such as wedding or even one that offers accommodation for those who want to live like a king.

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